of the Participants
of the 2nd International Conference
on "Problems of Space and Time
in Natural Science"
to Scientists and Educators
Sept. 16 - 21, 1991
St.Petersburg, USSR

Dear Colleagues,

Thanks to the technical revolution of the 20th century the experimental basis of Science is greatly enlarged which gives a powerful impulse to the progress in fundamental studies. Nevertheless the prevalence of relativistic mechanics (the special relativity theory) has led to some misinterpretation of the results of many investigations and became a hindrance for the development of classical methods in astronomy and celestial mechanics, geophysics and cosmology, quantum mechanics and electrodynamics. The domination of relativistic authorities has had a destructive influence on philosophy and ethics in the scientific community.

Due to prohibiting or hushing up the publications which contradict Einstein's theory, modern theoretical physics and astrophysics have come to a crisis. The papers of the Conference participants demonstrate the inconsistency of the relativistic postulates and the lack of convincing experimental proof for the relativity theory.

We propose to give up teaching relativity theory in secondary schools, which would give time for studying the origin and development of classical methods in mechanics and physics. Teaching relativity theory in higher educational institutions ought to be accompanied by discussions of alternative approaches.

We suggest that all scientists should concentrate their efforts on developing theories based on classical principles and close analysis of experience. We call for improving experimental and observational techniques and perfecting the methods of analyzing the results of investigations.

We hope the rejection of the policy of confrontation of social systems and military blocs will create the more favorable atmosphere for the development of Science and Education and will eliminate evasion of scientific discussions under the pretext of securing state secrets.

The participants of the Conference from the USSR, the USA, Canada, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, Austria, Switzerland and Finland

Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee

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